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Project Detail

Finne/Svendsen Office Building

Seattle, WA

  • Architect: Finne Architects
  • Client: Nils Finne
  • Total Area: 8,813 sf

MRJ successfully completed the Finne Svendsen Building in August of 2016. The project was built for Architect and Owner, Nils Finne, Principal of Finne Architects. The three story , 8,813 square foot building reflects the fine attention to form, detail and function that Finne Architects is renowned for. Finne Architects now occupies the third floor live/work suite with sweeping views of Lake Union with the Downtown Seattle backdrop.

The structure of the building is a minimalist structural steel skeleton with exposed concrete floors at all levels. Great effort and attention was put into the aesthetics of the fully exposed structural steel and open to structure ceilings. The south and west facing walls are clad to the maximum with Marvin windows. The exterior planes of these elevations are offset from every adjacent window so that no two side by side windows fall into the same plane. MRJ self-performed the framing in order to maintain a very high level of quality control and tight tolerances that were the intent of Finne Architects. The exterior cladding was a custom milled cedar package in which Finne Architects was very detailed as to the intersection of every joint from design to oversight of installation. The stairs were custom fabricated with many water jetted detail components to align with the interaction between the occupants and the building form.

The building is unique in the fact that the mechanical systems are of a passive design to provide an energy efficient operation. The slabs at all floor are heated and cooled with a radiant system. Solar panels were also installed on the roof to offset energy use with limited self-production.

MRJ completed the project on-time and within budget while staging offsite and accommodating a zero lot line structure.