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Dr. Gregory Keyes Family Practice

Dr. Keyes has been a medical practitioner for more than 30 years on Bainbridge Island. MRJ Constructors and Morss Medical Architecture teamed up with Dr. Keyes to design and build an open and airy space that demonstrated his friendly relationship with patients.

The challenge was to squeeze a 1,300 square foot family practice into a tenant space while keeping it open and preserving privacy in the exam rooms. To accomplish that, the space was designed to be open from the waiting room back to the nurse station.

Large windows at the front and back of the space were added to allow natural light to stream into the core of the space. The exam rooms were designed to be off the central corridor and have 12 foot high ceilings and big windows which provide a very spacious place to treat patients.

To maintain privacy in the exam rooms, the large windows have light filtered screens. Furthermore, the walls were designed to be sound sealed from the floor to the ceiling and were constructed using double sheet rock and extra thick sound insulation.

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