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Storage One

MRJ Constructors completed a 65,757 square foot ground up expansion project to the existing Storage One facility located in Renton Washington. The new three story storage building has 657 storage units plus 2,111 square feet of retail space at the first floor. 

This facility encompassed some superior architectural designs and great street appeal to the aesthetics of today’s construction. The storefront system allowed the public a vivid look into the interior of the building. 

MRJ Constructors was selected as the preconstruction consultant in the early stages of design. During early design, MRJ worked with the team to create a more efficient foundation design of driven pin piles and concrete grade beams. MRJ worked with our pin pile subcontractor early on to provide test piles of varying sizes to help reduce the size, quantity and length of the pin piles. The result was substantial cost and time savings.

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