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19th and Mercer Mixed Use project

MRJ Constructors completed the construction of the 19th and Mercer Mixed Use project. The 5-story, 50-unit mixed use project located in Seattle on the corner of 19th and Mercer in Seattle. The total gross square footage of the facility is 68,854 sf with 6,320 square feet of retail space and 13,900 sf of underground parking (35 stalls). The building structure consists of slab on grade with two levels of Post Tension deck with conventional stick framing and panelized wall systems at the upper floors.

Initial cost feasibility studies and pre-planning for the site and foundation were a necessity in order to mitigate potential site cost over-runs associated with high ground water issues and poor soil conditions. Over-excavation/removal of peat layers and import of 2'-4' crushed concrete to use as bedding and backfill provided a great "wet weather" working surface and allowed MRJ and its subcontractors to "bridge" over the high-water table. This cost-effective strategy resulted in a substantial savings over the expense of augercast piling which was previously required to support the building.

Site construction included abatement and demolition of existing buildings, removal of contaminated soils, installation of 17' temporary shoring/lagging walls, and installation of a minimal amount of augercast piling and pin piles.

The exterior cladding system utilized several building components which were integrated together to work together as part of the exterior rain-screen system. Window openings were cased with pre-finished sheet metal and continuous steel "belly bands" were installed at each floor level and at the parapet level. Cedar siding was panelized and pre-finished allowing a clean and efficient installation. Oversized tilt/turn windows were installed to allow residential tenants an abundance of daylight within their units.

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