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Golds Gym Issaquah

This 40,000 square feet interior remodel with an 8,000 square feet swimming pool addition was constructed in four phases (demolition, rough-in and framing, interior finishes and swimming pool construction) as the final design was a work in progress during the initial part of the project. The phasing allowed for an expedited occupancy for our client. The owner, architects, and MRJ worked extremely well together to keep the fast track schedule in line. The pool addition was constructed after the Gym had opened for business.

The interior work included glass-walled racquetball courts, a three level exercise “Cinema” theater, two large open workout rooms, yoga, physical therapy, general exercise classroom, large free-weight areas, and an abundance of treadmills and stationary bicycles which are all accompanied by individual TV screens. The gym remodel also included a daycare facility and a gym suited for children.

After the facility’s interior was completed and opened to the public, MRJ began construction on the swimming pool phase which included a 25-meter swimming pool with five lanes, hot tub and kids’ pool. Once the pools were installed colored pool decks were installed to accentuate the pool area. A giant trellis made from bridge timbers above the reception and lobby areas greets customers as they enter along with the stone fireplace and coffee and juice bar that makes for a stunning impression to customers and Gold’s Gym personnel alike.

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"My design firm has been working with MRJ on a number of projects over the past few years. We design fitness clubs, thus most of the projects we have worked on together have been renovations of existing facilities into new fitness clubs. Their attention to detail early on in the design process is a key factor in making our client goals a reality. MRJ was able to bring value to the table through "out of box solutions". Their ability to evaluate existing building systems early in the conceptual design process enabled us to utilize this information in the final design. Having their system in our early stages saves our clients many of thousands of dollars as well as providing the ultimate nugget; completing the project ahead of schedule. This not only saved monies but also allowed these projects to generate revenue quicker. Clients love this and we look smart. We continue to push for MRJ to be a team member on other projects we are working on and would highly recommend them to clients looking for a team member that can bring the following to the process: Value, Creativity, Integrity, Leadership. When I bring MRJ on a project the clients' expectations are always exceeded and you will have the same experience."

Nagel Design

Jeff Nagel, President

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