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Jaguar Land Rover Bellevue Phase 1-Service Center renovation

This project was the first phase of the renovation of the entire Jaguar Landrover facility located in Bellevue. Phase two includes the renovation of the showroom and main facility and is scheduled to take place 1st quarter of 2021.

The service center project entailed updating the existing facility to bring it to Jaguar/Landrover’s new branding requirements. The building is a 30,000 square foot structure and was their existing auto repair shop/customer service area. The scope of the project included the demolition and replacement/modernization of the existing storefront and façade, full renovation of the interiors spaces and updating the service area. The auto bays and service area were modernized with new epoxy floors, interior painting and reconfiguring and updating the existing vehicle lifts. In addition, the number of auto bays were increased to twenty seven to meet Jaguar Landrover specifications for the size of facility.

All of the construction activities were required to be carefully coordinated with a phased construction schedule, allowing Jaguar Land Rover to maintain full operations within the building with the least amount of disruption.

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"As I have previously mentioned we have been very impressed with the professionalism that your entire team have demonstrated, it is rare to find such good people these days."

Jaguar Land Rover of Seattle and Bellevue

Dmitri Mordekhov, General Manager

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