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Richmond Pediatrics

MRJ and Shugart Wasse Workshop partnered with Richmond Pediatrics to relocate their clinic to a 6,300 SF tenant space located in Mountlake Terrace. MRJ was brought on board early in the project to assist Richmond Pediatrics to evaluate several locations that met the needs of the clinic relocation. The Mountlake Terrace location was very desirable however required support to convert the initial intended zoning of the tenant space from a restaurant buildout to a pediatric clinic which required approval from Mountlake Terrace. The new clinic provides 15 exam rooms, 2 comfortable behavior health consult rooms, large lobby area, clinical rooms, and increased office and staff area.

The entry and lobby area are finished out with custom 9-Wood ceiling panels and clerestory windows allowing natural light to filter through. The interiors package is filled with vibrant colors and MRJ installed a three-piece bubble wall providing a creative and welcoming environment.

Lines Ornament