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The Production Network project

It’s not every day that you get to move a four-story, 400-ton, 170-feet long heavy timber warehouse by barge down the Ship Canal, under the Fremont and Aurora Avenue Bridges, to a new location on Northlake Way. MRJ was responsible for the preconstruction and construction services required to relocate this 1928 year-old 12,000 square feet building.

MRJ worked early on in with the moving contractor to remove the building from the existing site. The building was sliced into three sections while being shored and structurally stabilized in preparation for the move. While this was taking place, the new site was being prepared to receive the warehouse. Once relocated, the building sat above its future foundation waiting for its building permit to be issued. MRJ crews finished the foundation while the building was blocked above its future foundation.

The next phase of the project required a major renovation on the interior and exterior, which included a new 12,000 square feet mezzanine and 24,000 square feet of tenant improvements. The high-quality selective interior finishes maintained the historic integrity of the building while fostering employee communication, creativity and energy.

This project showcased MRJ’s ability to complete a unique and high-quality finished product with final construction costs within 4.4% of the original contract estimate. The Production Network Corporate Headquarters project is a proud achievement for MRJ, winning the Local Excellence in Construction and National Award of Excellence by the Associated Builders and Contractors of America in 2001.

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"The Production Network had our former warehouse, a 1928 cedar trussed structure, lifted onto a barge and moved 1/4 mile up the ship canal and squeezed onto a new site where it was renovated into 21,000 sf of first class office space. MRJ's project team was able to work from a minimal set of construction drawings and specifications, to generate countless budget updates, and to complete the project with minimal schedule and cost overruns. The MRJ team worked with myself and the entire TPN team throughout the unconventional building process to incorporate many last minute design changes and additions. MRJ was able to provide quick cost estimates on the various scenarios generated by our in-house designers. They also had the patience to manage the many permitted challenges that cropped up on every turn. The experience that MRJ gained working on such a unique project will no doubt enable them to tackle bigger and more difficult building jobs in the future. I was glad to work with the MRJ team and look forward to using MRJ again."

The Production Network office relocation/renovation

Dan Corcoran, Project Manager

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TPN building#1-0