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Total Reclaim facility renovation project

MRJ Constructors completed the construction of the Total Reclaim Recycling Facility renovation project located in the SODO district in Seattle. The Total Reclaim renovation project was a multi-phase project for a Seattle based electronics, HVAC and appliance recycler.

Total Reclaim runs a double work shift operation nearly 7 days a week, which meant coordination and phasing construction activities to avoid impact to the daily operation of the client was a necessity. Prior to starting, the project team worked together to create a logistics and phasing plan to allow construction to continue while the plant remained in full operation. This required separating the 47,000 square foot warehouse/manufacturing area into three zones with 35' high temporary shrink-wrapped dust-proof separation walls to divide the construction areas from the work areas.

The first phase incorporated the construction of a new employee locker room, bathrooms and warehouse lunchroom. The warehouse area was thoroughly cleaned, re-painted, new window openings were cut into existing concrete walls and exterior windows installed. The concrete floors and walls were repaired, and new LED light fixtures installed throughout. Concrete pits and foundations were installed for new recycling and conveyor equipment that was being fabricated and shipped from Europe.

The second phase involved renovating the existing office area within the warehouse and included new finishes, lighting and HVAC upgrades throughout the space. To provide flexibility for future equipment expansion, a new 1,200 amp in-vault electrical service was installed during this phase.

Interior and exterior renovation of the administrative office building was the final phase of the project. This phase involved new metal siding, exterior windows, canopy and landscaping plus renovation of all interior finishes.

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