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R&D Interbay building

A new 27,000 SF pre-engineered metal building in the Interbay neighborhood in Seattle, WA. The project broke ground in April 2016, which included stripping the existing asphalt site and drilling 208 6-inch and 8-inch pin piles 35 feet into the ground and also drilling 36 helical piles. Large pile caps were then poured over each one and over 1600 LF of concrete grade beams were placed to tie them all together. Once the foundation was built and the slab-on-grade was poured, the erection of the premanufactured metal building shortly followed. With large overhead door openings, integral canopies, stairways and walkways, and tying in two differently sloped roofs made this PEMB one of the more unique and custom of these types of buildings.

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