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Seattle Hyundai

The Seattle Hyundai renovation project is the first 2.0 generation store in the Washington state market replacing an aging facility. The renovated Seattle Hyundai store features all of the latest technology and amenities inherent in the design of a 21st century automotive dealership. The project consisted of a full gut and remodel of the existing showroom and shop to bring it up to the new Hyundai 2.0 generation standards. Included in the work was building a new service drop off addition along with a new car delivery bay. The new exterior façade was features the “shaped sky” kona brushed metal panel exterior cladding and curtainwall system while the interiors of the existing facility were gutted out to receive its new modernized finishes. Generous and thoughtfully designed spaces embrace the concept of connectivity and openness to ensure that the facility provides a pleasant customer experience as well as accommodating all aspects of Seattle Hyundai’s operations. Construction started in May 2022 and was completed in December 2022.

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