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St. George Coptic Church

St. George Coptic Orthodox Church is a 22,000 square foot, three story wood, concrete and CMU structure. The construction of the church was completed in September and opened to mass in October 2014.

The sanctuary of the church was constructed with arched long span glue-lam beams bridging two CMU walls and creating a spacious worship area on the second floor. Offices and libraries are located on the second and third floors. The kitchen, congregation room and classrooms are all located on the 1st floor level.

The church has many characteristics within the structure like other Egyptian Coptic churches. The oak barreled ceiling of the entry leading into the church mirrors the barrel roof of the sanctuary and displays a mural hand painted by Egyptian artisans. There are three separate fiberglass domes mounted to the roof structure. The primary dome above the altar was hand painted with gold fleck paint by the same artists. The church's baptismal tubs were imported from Egypt and made with marble slabs fastened to a steel structure.

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