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Swedish Automotive

Located in West Seattle, MRJ Constructors teamed up with Swedish Automotive Inc. and Curtis McGuire Architects to build their new 7,900 square foot auto repair shop and administrative offices. The project was completed in September 2010.

Fully equipped with ten repair stalls and a vehicle wash bay, this new facility was designed to incorporate environmentally friendly materials and equipment, including SIP insulated panels and an in-floor heat system fueled by a waste oil heat exchanger that burns used engine oil to generate heat for the building. The new building’s design was purposely configured to maximize the amount of roof exposed to the south to accommodate the installation of future solar panels for future electrical and energy savings.

A well organized and efficient shop was essential to Swedish Automotive. An in-floor vehicle exhaust system was installed to reduce the tripping hazards of loose hoses on the floor of the garage. Overhead air and water reels, in-floor heat and in-floor vehicle hoists were installed to increase productivity and comfort of the mechanics.

The building façade includes hardi-board panels, sheet metal siding, windows skylights and a metal canopy, coordinated so that the marrying materials create a color scheme that resembles the Swedish flag.

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"Your team was great to work with and I would especially like to thank Kirk Corbaley (Project Superintendent), for his steady nerve, ingenuity and on site leadership which was essential to the success of Swedish Automotive. Your team was great for seeing potential constructability issues, sharing those concerns with me and allowing for a respectful dialogue resulting in thoughtful solutions." Thanks to the entire MRJ crew and I look forward to working together in the future."

Swedish Automotive project

Curtis McGuire, Architect

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