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Verizon Communications Renovation project

The Verizon Communications project was a 50,000+ square foot tenant improvement, building façade upgrade and site improvement project. The building updates began with an upgraded electrical service to accommodate increased industrial needs; an integral color stucco system was applied over the original aged brick façade; updated site lighting; new storefronts; sidewalks, aluminum composite (Alucobond) entry canopies as well as new landscaping and irrigation systems. Additional site work included over 10,000 square yards of paving, a 20,000 sq ft. concrete truck dock slab, an exterior structural canopy to provide weather protection over exterior truck docking operations, and water containment pond expansion to accommodate the increased footprint of the site development.

The tenant improvements included updated office facilities, removal/replacement of existing truck docking equipment and providing expanded docking capacity to the existing warehouse. The transition also called for progressive relocation of warehouse equipment such as conveyors, pit scales, shrink wrap machines, compactors and bailers. A new server room was provided to support increased IT requirements. The major challenges were performing structural upgrades and providing the means for a progressive transition of operations complete within an 11-week period.

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