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VSP Optics plant construction

Located in Lacey, WA, MRJ transformed an existing 20,500 SF warehouse into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for VSP Optics. Construction was broken into three phases to allow VSP to start the relocation of their existing facility into the new space while design-development was taking place. The manufacturing area was carefully planned to streamline operations, avoid interruptions to VSP’s daily business, allow for future expansion and minimize gaps in the construction phasing. Construction started December 2010 and was completed by September 2011.

The first phase consisted of constructing a temporary facility for VSP to set up their existing operations to continue to do business while the second phase was designed. The second phase consisted of upgrading the electrical service to the building to accommodate the power requirements VSP’s existing and new equipment would require and to allow for future expansion. The third phase consisted of building out the new manufacturing facility complete with overhead structural utility supports, underground plumbing lines, new HVAC system, building out a mezzanine structure, building two clean rooms, hundreds of feet of overhead chiller lines, domestic water lines, compressed air lines, de-ionized water lines, hot water re-circ lines, clean and dirty slurry lines, power feeds and low voltage cabling.

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