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The AAA Corporate Headquarters Remodel was a three-phase project that consisted of upgrading an existing 67,000 square feet building to accommodate the client’s long-term growth strategies. The multi-phased project consisted of complete demolition and restoration of several wings of the facility, technological advancements in information services and support systems, and department relocations. The improvements included updating departmental facilities, executive offices, conference rooms, training rooms, 24-hour customer service call centers, regional dispatch outlet, lobbies, employee support rooms, restrooms, fire sprinkler systems, electrical systems, HVAC, access control, data wiring, and audio visual systems. An independent coffee house and exercise facility were also added to the scope and completed concurrently with the AAA remodel.

A major component of the project was the construction of server room that utilized the latest technological advancements in IT infrastructure which included equipment, cooling, wire management, static grounding, fire suppression, and off-site monitoring. Support of the facility was also enhanced by integrating a new 350kW generator to power the facility in the event of power failure with the existing electrical systems.

AAA’s 24-hour operations posed many challenges to the construction process which entailed complex project management and around the clock execution. MRJ worked closely with AAA executives, department heads, architects, construction managers, subcontractors, AAA employees, and facility management to coordinate the construction process so that all daily operations could continue to function without interruption. This included establishing temporary operations and planning progressive phasing to relocate operations from one area to another minimizing disruption to the workforce or supporting information services.

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