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Comcast Everett Technical Service Center and other Comcast projects

Comcast and MRJ’s vibrant partnership is one of trust, mutual respect and a great rapport. So when Comcast decided to renovate their Everett Technical Service Center, a 39,000 SF two story call center, they came to us. MRJ worked closely with Comcast and Interior Architects to come up with a plan to recreate the facility while allowing Comcast to maintain normal operations. Due to the extent of the renovation and logistics of Comcast’s operations, the team elected to relocate the existing call center operations to a temporary offsite facility while maintaining the critical data center online.

Phase 1 consisted of renovating two floor plates (41,000SF) of a mid-rise office building ready to receive an operational call center with hundreds of employees. With Comcast moved out of the facility, Phase 2 commenced which consisted of gutting out the interiors of the existing facility and turning it into a collaborative, modern environment reflecting Comcast’s vision. The renovated space includes general offices, call center seating, training facility, fitness center, conference centers, lobby, coffee bars, cafeteria, gaming area and a coffee shop. The main lobby was enlarged with new storefronts to bring in more natural lighting along with state-of-the-art optical turnstiles. Usage of reclaimed wood was utilized to bring in some warmth to the facility when greeting the employees and guests of Comcast. The project was delivered on time and within budget.

MRJ has had the honor of working directly with Comcast on numerous other team build projects in the Puget Sound region updating their existing facilities. The projects have ranged from refreshing the dated finishes to complete gut and re-build of their existing offices, call centers and tech centers. Some of the projects have been multi-phased occupied space tenant improvements.

Other Comcast projects:

  • Comcast Puyallup: 51,000 SF completed 2015.
  • Comcast Everett FFO: 10,000 SF completed 2015
  • Comcast Auburn: 23,000 SF completed 2016
  • Comcast Lynnwood Regional Headquarters:
    • 1,300 SF completed 2016.
    • 71,000 SF 2017.
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