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SCIDpda Hing Hay Coworks TI project

Located in the International District, MRJ Constructors recently converted a vacant shell within the historic Bush Hotel into the new Hing Hay Cowork office space for the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda).

The Hing Hay Cowork project was funded by grants and fundraising, and therefore, adherence to a strict budget was critical without compromising the design goals of the project. MRJ's emphasis on creativity, budget and schedule helped ensure the final product was delivered to meet and exceed the expectations set forth by the Client.

MRJ demolished the existing 3,700 square foot space and worked with the original footprint for the new tenant improvement. The newly created tenant improvement features exposed concrete walls, steel clad columns and wood framed rooms clad with polycarbonate paneling to allow more natural lighting into the space while still providing a level of privacy to the occupants.

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