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The Omni Group Tenant Improvement project

The Omni Group Tenant Improvement project was a 15,000 square feet tenant improvement designed to meet the needs of a client who was expanding their corporate headquarters. The goal was to create a very modern office environment utilizing open spaces and resilient materials to achieve a final product that was durable and contemporary. 

The project consisted of updating major systems such as fire sprinkler, fire detection, and HVAC to meet the design challenges of the open floor plans. MRJ made structural modifications to merge two levels of the building by removing a portion of floor and adding structural members. This maintained the integrity of the building thus allowing for a new lobby that is open to the above floor. Other improvements included complete reframing of interior walls and integration of sliding office doors (DIRRT) with full glazing on the front office walls throughout, heat welded marmoleum floors in common spaces, rubber flooring in offices, and architectural stainless-steel handrails were welded in place. MRJ also provided a complex state of the art server room supplied with racks, data punch downs, wire management, and cooling needs. A commercial gourmet kitchen and cafeteria was also installed to support the client’s staffing demands.

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