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Copine Restaurant

In 2017, MRJ Constructors built the Copine restaurant for Chef Shaun McCrain and General Manager Jill Kinney. The restaurant has a seating capacity of up to 60 people plus a full bar. The interior finishes feature an exposed custom-colored concrete floor slab finish throughout the space.

The casework, bars and reception counters are a few of the creative focal points of the restaurant. Some of the casework/millwork pieces were built using locally harvested salvaged lumber from downfall trees, milled and finished by a local Bainbridge Island woodworking shop including a 14’ long American Elm countertop with a “Live Edge” which was installed as part of the wine bar. The reception area, bar and other pieces were finished out using reclaimed and milled wood salvaged from a demolished historic building located on the Kitsap Peninsula. A custom reclaimed wood trellis was built piece by piece by MRJ and now floats above the bar.

Lines Ornament