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Lark Restaurant

In 2015, MRJ Constructors completed the construction of the Lark Restaurant for in the Central Agency Building located on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

As a new home for Lark, the client took advantage of the great Capitol Hill location and incorporated additional complimentary businesses within the Lark space. A new oyster and shellfish bar called Bitter/Raw (located in the upper mezzanine level of Lark), a lunch take-out space called Slab Sandwiches + Pie (located adjacent to the entry lobby of the building) and a private dining area called Off The Record (located in the lower level of the restaurant) were added to the space design. The restaurant and the three additional businesses occupy one-third of the newly renovated Central Agency Building.

The restaurant and bar feature a two story, whitewashed screen wall that is made up of multiple architectural panels to allow patrons to see into the adjoining spaces such as the kitchen while maintaining a sense of privacy. MRJ worked with Gensler Architects, Lark and MRJ's subcontractors to design and build all the interior millwork to feature and accentuate the rustic appearance of the building's interior shell architecture.

Another key architectural feature is the lighting in Lark's main dining area that consists of over 300 LED suspended lights. Combined with the Central Agency Building's large windows, this lighting feature creates a stunning view from both inside and outside the restaurant especially when lit in the evening dining hours. Installation of the lighting feature was a small challenge as each suspended light was set at a different elevation and had to be modified and fabricated on site one fixture at a time.

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